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Board Expectations

Each board member of our organization affirms the expectations outlined here and strives to perform accordingly. We treat all board members the same when it comes to these expectations. These expectations are clearly articulated to new members.

1. Believe in and be an active advocate and ambassador for the values, mission and vision of the organization. Success of the organization is through communication and participation.

2. Participation in group processes, e.g., meeting preparation and performance:

  • Act in a way that contributes to the effective operation of the board – and work with fellow board members and staff to assure that the board and its committees function well.

      --Focus on the good of the organization, independent of personal agenda, self-interest, or influence of others.

      --Support the organization’s policies and procedures for conducting business.

      --Maintain confidentiality of all work unless authorized otherwise.

      --Support board decisions once these are made.

  • Regularly attend board and committee meetings. Prepare for these meetings by reviewing materials and bringing materials to meetings.

  • Be available to serve as a committee/task force chair or member. Be a prepared and active participant.

3. Personal development: Keep informed about the organization, its issues, and its connection to the community through active participation within the organization and outreach outside the organization.  Participate in opportunities to engage in/understand the organization’s mission.

4. Individual leadership acts outside board and committee meetings:

  • Help support the charitable contributions operation of the organization. 

  • Participate in fund development by taking on various tasks tailored to your comfort and skills. As appropriate, use personal and professional contacts and expertise to benefit the organization, without compromising ethics or trespassing on relationships.

5. Agree to step down from board position if unable to fulfill these expectations.

Approved November 18, 2019

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